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Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am going to be writing about what gangs are, what they call other people, and what their number symbols mean.
Gangs are usually made because one race hates another. Gangs have strict dress codes, so all gangs have to wear a certain color or a certain kind of clothing. Some of those I am going to be telling you. They would wear a uniform or a white t-shirt under a plaid flannel shirts, or a botton up shirt. They may wear hats turned to the side or backwards, or bandanas on their heads, through ther belt loops, or stuck out of their pocket. Their shoelaces are colored red or blue to represent bloods and crips. One of their pant legs maybe rolled up. They always wear baggy pants with their boxers showing, with self-inflicted tattoos or they use graffiti with hard to read letters.
The gangs would call other people names like "bounty hunters" instead it would be "bunny hunters." The names of their own gangs and their rivals are always different. There are street gangs, alley gangs, and black street gangs.
Gangs use number symbols to tell which gang is in the area. The numbers are used to tell other gangs to watch their backs. They use number symbols to tell if there is going to be a fight, or to tell the gangs who is going to fight. They use number symbols to tell others if they wanted any rivals alive. But they use the number symbols to stay under the radar, so that the cops don't suspect anything. That's why gangs use number symbols and were their clothes certain ways.

Victoria Walker

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  1. Very informative----'lots and 'lots of good facts! Your sentences read clearly and the material was organized.

    Next time we will work on making it sound more like a news report rather than a conversation between yourself and the reader.

    You listed your sources!!Yeah!